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buffalo shorties with silver conchos elkskin with leather buttons heavy deer kneehighs with antler buttons
your shoemaker... and an all-around great guy Hi! I'm Scott. I learned how to make custom moccasins long ago in California (I live in Oregon now) and have made thousands of beautiful pairs, each pair unique, made to fulfill the needs of the individual who ordered it. I've seen many wonderful shoes and boots from around the world, and I believe there is nothing anywhere as functional and comfortable as the style I make, and few materials that can compare with the great selection of washable, long-lasting leathers that I use. I make my footwear with the intention of providing the utmost in health, comfort, and style... a simple consequence of excellent design. They're a modern version of a style that is thousands of years old; an attempt on my part to provide the best possible experience at the most reasonable price that allows me to ensure outstanding quality. They will never be built "to a price", nevertheless, they are an outstanding value. If they are maintained, they can last for many years. Whether you need a brief marketing giveaway custom made product - we've got you covered.
You'll find that as you look at the pictures, placing your mouse cursor over each picture will get you a brief description of the mocs. I've tried to make everything here easy to follow, but if there's anything you don't understand, or if you'd like an estimate for a particular pair of mocs, or if you'd simply like to ask a question or get my advice about something, please contact me via e-mail. Thanks for visiting Walking Liberty!
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