4 Things To Consider Before Taking Out A Mortgage Loan

25 February 2018
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If you're ready to settle down and purchase a home, you may be thinking about taking out a mortgage loan. This is a popular way to make it possible to afford homeownership. Instead of having to pay in full for your home, you can use a mortgage loan to take care of the costs. While this is a popular option to explore, you want to be smart about this choice and understand what you're getting into. Read More 

3 Ways To Better Your Chances Of Getting A Mortgage Loan With Less-Than-Good Credit

20 December 2017
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Owning your own home is one of those dreams that almost every working adult starts out with in life. However, if you make some financial mistakes along the way and your credit score reflects the damage, obtaining a mortgage loan can be fairly difficult to do. Most lenders view your credit score as a direct reflection of your financial responsibility, so a bad score tends to be viewed as an indication that you have been irresponsible with your financial choices and may be a risk to loan money to. Read More 

Two Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Planning For Your Retirement

30 October 2017
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Whether your potential retirement date is just a few years away or decades away, there are multiple components that you need to take into account as you do your planning. Each of these items influences how much money you need during your retirement and what kind of accounts will best serve your financial needs. Question 1: Do you want to retire early? If you plan to retire before you are 59. Read More 

Some Things You Need To Know About How Trust Accounts Work

12 September 2017
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Managing a trust can be complicated. There are many people who wonder what a trust even does and how it differs from other types of bank accounts. Here are some things that you should know about trust accounts. Why Are Trust Accounts Favored? Trust accounts are generally favored by accountants and attorneys because they have such great protection. When you create a trust, it protects your money and assets from lawsuits and from extra taxes. Read More 

There’s No Harm In Being A Secondary Co-Signer For A Bail Bond, Right?

19 August 2017
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Your friend or relative calls in a panic–someone you both know is in jail and can only get out on bail, but the bail bondsman needs some money up front and also a couple of people to sign to commit to paying back the bond. Finding out someone you know has been arrested can be a troublesome thing and you will no doubt want to help. If you are like a lot of people who find themselves in this kind of sticky situation, you are probably thinking, " Read More